Saturday, February 24, 2007

File Transfer and PDF Converters

As a TD I often have the need to trade files. Some of these are large, and sometimes I have problems sending the files. The below resources have been either very useful, or are products I have bookmarked so I can find them again when I need them.
File is stored remotely – no attachments
Free, no file size limit, no limit in number of files sent.
Files are stored remotely, have a wide range of services, though it is a PAID service. I have not used this service, though it could have been an alternative for the Basecamp project management tool I have been using (it is paid as well). At any rates, it allows you to send, receive, organize and share files online.
Files can be sent up to 100 MG, and exists for 7 days and can be downloaded 100 times.

While I am speaking of online files, I want to mention some PDF converters.

This is software that you must download and install. However it allows you to print as a PDF from most programs that print. I have used this with excel and word successfully. It is free, so it’s even better. However, to get it to work when I first installed it I needed to set my permissions to allow users full control. This may only be a windows vista problem, however. Nevertheless, since I have changed the permissions setting, it has worked great.
There are 3 versions, all of which are free (you see advertising at the start of each use), but have some powerful capabilities beyond the above product.
Also downloads, and works as a print function. It is free and advertises no watermarks or ads.
This converter works online and sends the file to your email address.
Works well for converting web sites to pdf. Emails pdf to your email address.
only allows 5 for free, but has ocr technology.

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