Monday, October 1, 2007


Last night I happened to catch a show on HGTV about new hardware that was coming out. They had some interesting products that were being showcased.

One that I thought would be useful was the volt bolt.
Not only does the key turn on and off the power, but locks the cord into the box so it can't be unplugged and plugged into something unprotected.

Also they had a product that promises to get rid of air compressors:
An interesting idea, and one that would be nice. I have an electric stapler, and there are a few cordless ones available, but they have a limit to what they can drive. There is an air driven pneumatic gun that is great made by Paslode:,
But it is somewhat expensive, and the cartridges don't last as long as would be nice.
At any rate whats nice about the one on the HGTV site is that any stapler can be used, as it hooks up to a normal hose and a portable co2 tank that you can clip to your belt.

More products can be seen on their website:

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