Thursday, January 3, 2008

Quote of the day

"I agree that the set designer does and should need to take things like fire curtain limitations into account. Fire curtain rules are every bit as much apart of the theater as where the walls are and how much weight the floor will hold and and how many linesets there are, and all that. Designers DO need to worry about stuff like that. Designs are plans for building. They are not artistic drawings with no real world application."

June Abernathy on the stagecraft mailing list, 12-30-2007.

I particularly agree with the concept that design must work with the space not against it. The quote in context comes from a discussion about whether a designer should redesign a show because the deck breaks the fire curtain (and who on the team should participate in the decision). While there are options for this scenario (always working with the AHJ) and I don't necessarily agree that any design that crosses the fire curtain line should be refused, I do believe that both the TD and the Designer must work together to find a way that meets both aesthetic and safety needs.

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