Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alternative Materials

I was looking through an ad for books relating to design and architecture and thought that a couple were worth pointing out.

The first is Materiology by Daniel Kula. It discussed a wide variety of materials as well as how the materials are made. It seemed like a book that would have been perfect when I was taking "Advanced Materials" in grad school.

Another is Materials for Inspirational Design. It offers a view into a variety of materials, uses, and even rough pricing.

Browsing through Amazon offers a variety of books on the subject of materials. Happy browsing!

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  1. Carmen RamosDecember 13, 2010

    Hello there,
    I was looking around your blog, I found a lot of your information very interesting.I recently did a podcast highlighting the prop-master of one of my university’s past production, and was wondering if you’d like to share it with your fellow bloggers.