Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Every now and then a discussion is started regarding what the essential tools are for any shop... Popular Mechanics weighs in on this topic. I have to admit that I don't own a center punch (though it's on my list to buy), a sledge hammer or machinest vise. I suppose that access to those at work is part of the reason, though I haven't needed them at home though all of the renovations I have comepleted. But that is why the topic is interesting - each person has their own idea of what their own essential tools are.

So my list (at least at the moment & in no particular order):
personal Protective equipment
cresent wrench
pipe wrench
socket wrench & socket set
allen key set
jig saw or roto zip
hand saw
needle nose pliers
Bits for above drill
Circular Saw
measuring tape
Phillips / Flat Head Screw Drivers
Extension Cord
Carpetners / framing square
Miter Saw
Staple Gun
end nips / side nips
Router & bits
hack saw
Gerber / Leatherman multi-tool
Set of open / box wrenches

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