Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wood Balls

Seems like I am often in search of teh most random things. Todays quest - 3" wooden balls. Premier Wood Products has them up to 18" in diameter. Don't expect it to come cheap that large though - the cheapest (pine poplar or mapple is $683, and other woods can run up to & over a thousand. They have other items - appliques and overlays, corbels and brackets and columns and pilasters among others.

Casey's Wood Products also has a wide varity of items, but they tend more towards game pieces, starts and craft cutouts than architectural details.

Woodworks, ltd. has a wide variety of wooden shapes & also sells wooden kitchen utensils.

Bear Woods has turnings, including balls, as well as clock parts and other craft items.

Craft America has a crazy assortment of wooden items acrylic items, as well as much more. It's an odd collection of craft stuff.


  1. I was just chatting with someone else about this. Mcmaster has them

  2. True, we actually had a conversation about McMaster after I ordered them from Premier... Then it comes down to economics. The McMaster balls (at 3" which is what I needed) are about 6.50 each at McMaster and a little over 4 at Premier. But if you have a larger McMaster order, or need a large amount it may be worth it to look elsewhere.
    Working a place where time & hours count we often order from the most convenient place. Sometimes this is the best price (least amount of time, shipping is inconsequential because you already have a larger order, and perhaps you get a discount for being a high volume customer). Sometimes it doesn’t matter about the price since you need it NOW, and ultimately that is always more expensive….
    The flip side of that is that we frequently don’t check prices. And I have noticed that as you use one vender exclusively (usually those offering services not commodities) that prices will tend to creep up as they count on the relationship to keep you from going elsewhere. On the other hand there is also something to be said about how that same relationship can help you – they may be willing to go the extra mile, turn something around faster, or cut you an occasional deal when you really need it.

  3. Old World Traditions has a bunch of wood products: http://www.owtraditions.com. They have corbels, brackets...round balls too but they are bunn feet for furnature. Their site mentions they can do custom items.