Friday, December 30, 2011

Physics Games / Aps

A long time ago I posted about physics related games. As I have been loading up my IPod with games (I don't really use it for music, but got it just before teh I-Pads really came out with a splash), I, of course, have been playing a variety of physics based games. App Advice has a good lists of games to try out. I have played some - and some I have played on their computer based counterparts - so I will be looking forward to trying out more of these.

Also, I would add Cut the Rope to the list as well as Tiny Wings (my current additiction). While I guess you could argue that tiny wings isn't really the same, you have to time the speed height, etc of the bird just right to gain the highest score &/or meet the objectives, making it close enough for me.

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