Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quake Putty

A couple years ago I posted about Museum Putty - a product like Mortite, that was being advertised for specific use in Museums. Then last April, I posted a pic of a vase being secured. Theatrically not unusually - but I thought it was unique because it was in a hotel in Costa Rico. Today, while searching for something completely different - I stumbled upon Quake Hold. Seems to be pretty strong.

I guess it’s also a little interesting to me that we now see it for use for walls (poster tac) & I have seen people using it in their homes to secure small knick knacks to display shelves. The evolution of the idea from an esoteric theatrical trick to something marketed as an official product with specific uses is a reminder about all of the simple things we know in theatre, yet take for granted.

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