Saturday, May 12, 2007

Project Management Links

here are some useful links to project management information. I keep looking for better ways to maintain and collect links, and collecting them on here so they can also be of use to others is my latest plan. One of these I suppose I will put a "master-list" of sorts on my website, but until then, I hope all can enjoy what I post here.
This site has some good stuff (some of it is fairly introductory). They have alot more, but you need to pay monthly to access it, and its fairly expensive.
This is a one page site that talks about planning a project. i like that it talks about things that you need to do, but isn't always mentioned elsewhere (like creating specifications, and controls).
This site has a variety of checklists that you can download. Link directly for example:
Simple, but somewhat useful. Might be useful to develop a theatrical set for use.
Free management library. Lot of information about lots of topics. Good resource.
This is a mixed lot. Some good insights into leadership and non-profits, but long, and not entirely relevant.
The typical information. Always a good start.
good resource, lots of different information.
Another blog, this is a link to a specific article I thought was intriguing. This blog entry addresses what planning is and isn't, which I think is important to keep in mind. Its somewhat like the idea that an estimate is different from a bid.
another blog site. The cool thing about this one (like it IT tools) is that it links to others as well.

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