Monday, August 13, 2007


Every time I open a catalog it seems like there is a new product that makes a job much easier than a previous method. Or, once an idea for a piece of hardware catches on you see a plethora of types available.

The first example of this is cable guide clips. While stretching drops vertically can be done in a variety of relatively easy methods, keeping it from hour glassing and stretching it horizontally was always harder- especially depending on your space. Cable guide clips are a good solution for this (assuming that you can get a decent amount of vertical tension from your cable). A minimum amount of room is needed and a fly line could still fly if needed (though perhaps a beefier version of the clip with a bearing or glide would be better for that purpose.

Another product that you now see versions of just about everywhere are clips that squeeze your material on one side and then have a hook or hole for you to tie to on the other. In Rose brand they call them Holdon (with mini and maxi versions), but you can find versions of them everywhere. I suspect that it would be an interesting project to gather a variety of different models and test them against each other. Nevertheless, they are much nicer to use visually than the classic spring clip, though I doubt the spring clip will disappear from theatres anytime soon. Besides, they are still the best at holding drapes.

Last but not least, I thought the bongo ties and the stretch-n-hook ties were nice (also in Rose brand. A reusable solution for alot of places that zip ties are often used.

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