Monday, August 27, 2007

Variety of web sites

Some more links for you to browse:
A good source for technical theatre related books. It has a pretty well rounded collection of books, though I wouldn't say it was a complete listing.
This site has a wide variety of links catering to technicians. The page is slow to load, but does include some good sources.
This page is an information page hosted by a rigging company which deals with primarily ships rigging. Nonetheless, the information is valid for theatrical use.
Based in New Jersey, yet shipping anywhere Dykes Lumber offers a variety of molding profiles. You can see their catalog and download drawings. Dykes can be useful, as occasionally designs (especially ones from the city) will specify Dykes profiles.
Last but not least is a site hosted by thermal foams that has a variety of PDF's available about foam. Thermal foams itself, is a great company in which I often ordered custom cut EPS foam when I lived further east than I do now.

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