Friday, September 14, 2007

Artful Manager

The artful manager is a blob by Andrew Taylor about arts and culture management. Link: He offers tidbits, almost every weekday about different things relating to arts and culture. The comments are often based off of things he has read, or other current events, and are often tie ins to other information all of which often give me some insight or a different point of view. While not always relevant, and not really stagecraft related, I think he has some good things to say.

This for example - is a good example:

I also have to say that his blog was one of the reasons that I choose to start doing this blog. I admire his dedication to what he does and the need to pass on ideas that might be helpful. An electronic mentor if you will.

While a TD doesn't directly deal with many of the management topics he discusses, a TD is a manager, and the culture of the organization and the surrounding area / audience, affects the production. The more aware of how this can influence whats going on in their own shop the better prepared the TD will be to handle the results.

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