Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cut Awl

The cut awl is a pretty nifty tool, in my book. I really enjoyed using it the few times I have used one. They aren't very cheap, but alot of the theatres I have worked with have one - usually tucked away and buried unfortunately. And really, between jigsaws, scroll saws, routers, and the roto-zip, there isn't much need for a tool as expensive as the cut awl. But I like it nonetheless. Its great for small detail scroll work, inside cuts and it can do sharp corners (unlike rounded roto-zip edges). It takes a little time to get used the control, but thats part of its charm. If you haven't used one take the time to check out what it is at least and if you ever see one try it out.

Besides the fact that the cutawl has earned itself a museum is pretty nifty in its own right.

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