Monday, March 24, 2008

Thinking too hard?

Check out the following article on problem solving:
I think the concept is interesting, and understandable. I will freely admit I that I think too much. Lets take traveling to USITT for instance - I will calculate the best way to go - close hotel, hotel within walking distance, hotel far enough away to need a car or cab. In Phoenix I rented a car, in Houston I got a closer hotel and walked.... But then again, this can be fun for me - and I can save some dough on top of it - which means I can buy more stuff (like books) when I get to USITT.

Yet it is important to understand the "Take the Best" process. This speeds up decision making, and often leads to satisfactory results. Also, I have read that this type of problem solving increases with skill level, and that the accuracy also increases.

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