Sunday, March 23, 2008


Simple Machines
This session went over the various simple machines – levers, pulleys, wheels and axels, and the wedge. The session coupled first presenters with more experienced panelist which created a good opportunity for students to get involved.
Each pair demonstrated how the simple machines worked, provided a few examples and the math involved.

ETCP Rigging Certification Information Session. This session discussed who the certification was aimed toward (the top third), and how to apply. They also took audience questions.

Postering Session. Here 4 different individuals presented “posters” regarding information they had been researching. One was about the plastic PETG – PolyEthelene Terephtalate Glygol, Copolyester sold under the brand names Vivak and Spectar. It’s available in .20 to .236” thick sheets and runs about $34.00 for 1/16” thick sheet. The samples passed out were pretty durable. The cool thing about this plastic was that it could be used for vacuum-form.
Another topic was presented by C. Randell Newton about the Physics of Water regarding creating pools on stage.
The third was presented by Heather Hillhouse-Deans which was about simple projects for teaching Lathe work.
The forth was about TTR – Technical training on the Road. This is a 4 hour workshop that can be taken to colleges and high schools. It comes in two varieties- a pneumatics and a motors and drives workshop. It sounds like a great program and will allow a variety of people to work with valves and motors and cylinders and such without having the equipment on hand, or under the pressure of a production. Secondly, I think it’s a great way to create a learning environment. It reminds me of a portable station like can be found here:
I really believe that innovative classroom hands-on learning is necessary for learning automation in particular, and helpful for classes such as rigging.

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