Friday, April 11, 2008

Capturing thoughts when reading

I was reading this blog entry about a new way of keeping track of the insights gained while reading, and thought it was great because it was so like me. You can read it here: Novel Ideas I have tried every option listed, and even more (I tried voice recordings as well), but there was always some ways it wasn't effective. I think faster than I write, type, speak. You inevitably have insights when you can't write, type, or don't have a voice recorder. And, even if you manage to catch most of your ideas, good luck organizing that mess! Typed documents could be scanned for context sensitive entries. Voice recorded segments can be transcribed, and written pages could be scanned, but that's way too much work....

Glad to see that he came up with a way that works for him. This blog, my answer to some of those same issues, seems to work well for me. As I write more, I have been pleased that when I am looking for something and I do a search of my blog I can often find the link to what I was looking for! Hopefully this resource has been working out well for you as well.

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