Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lessons Learned
The above link will take you to a brief blog entry about lessons learned. It makes a distinction between lessoned learned due to failure versus ones learned when something goes right. Unfortunately I think that we don’t spend enough time thinking about what went right, and analyzing why it worked. Instead we focus on the wrongs. Things don’t go right by accident, and it may not be the obvious reasons that the task went well – I planned it out – it went well – if you look and think, there are many factors that govern each process, and paying heed to both successes and failures, and passing that on to others will make the most of each lesson learned.

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  1. Steve advocates moving away from the typical lessons learned database (unused, focused on failures) to a more transparent "visible learning process" that supports both learning from failures and successes. It is focused on discussions, rather than a database of incidents.

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