Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AutoCAD 2009

I just installed 2009 on my computer, and have started going through the tutorials. Looks liked it will be a good change, and there is a once more a great improvement in the 3-d capacity. Of course that means that your computer has to have the ram and processor to drive it.

They have a tutorial pdf:
that has a good intro on transitioning from paper to CAD. Obvious for current users of cad, but I thought that the language used would also be good for the intro to a CAD course.

I am excited to be back in the land of having a full version of AutoCad again - I went from 2008 full to 2007 lite when I came to my current job and it amazed me how much I relied on the 3-d capacity of the full version of AutoCAD. I see more and more drawings that are fully drawn in 3-D come into our shop, and about 90% of what we draft is probably done in 3-d (other than CNC files). 3-D drafting is quickly becoming a must needed skill. While theatres are still catching up to this, I think it will become more and more important as scene shops and related industries step up their drafting and 3-d slowly becomes and industry standard.

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