Monday, November 24, 2008

Model Making Mitre Box

Now that I have been blogging for a while, sometime I will remember coming across something a long time ago, noting it (theoretically blogging about it), and then moving on. Then later I need to remember where that particular piece of hardware or tool was, and it seems like I can never remember - and if I blogged about it - I evidently called it by something other than my current search term.
Since I recall seeing a model making model box, and it came to mind as being something that would be handy for a Christmas present I am building I went in search of more information. Since I don't seem to have mentioned it - here it is: Exacto's Mitre box.

Thus nifty item can be found at:

Dick Blick art supplies also has one that seems a little beefier - and is cheaper:

Since I would prefer to get mine sooner - I will probably see what my local craft or hobby store has.

And since we are talking about special little pieces - if you ever get a hankering to make a game that needs token - Cherry Tree Toys ( has a great deal on game pawns. They also have other tools and wood working equipment, and a nice variety of plans (especially wooden toy plans). And, just to keep it on topic, they have a variety of doll house / model building supplies that would be useful for set designers.

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