Monday, December 8, 2008

Stacking flats with no wall space

I have a large bid going out for a museum exhibit - so my blogs have been more scarce than I would like - couple that with the busy holiday season, and well.... Hopefully I will get back in the swing soon.

However today while I was in the shop floor checking on one of the TV jobs, a site caught my eye - and it made me once again think that sometimes the most simple things are novel.

We have a large amount of space in the shop, and quite a few columns, but not alot of wall space to stack things against. What I saw was a stack of 9 flats on their side with a bar clamp across the top. At first I wasn't sure why the clamp was there - then it hit me that it was to prevent the end flats from tipping over. Its pretty much common sense - but at the same time, something I had not thought of doing.