Thursday, May 19, 2016

HPL Graphics

When it comes to durable graphics, HPL or High Pressure Laminate materials are the strongest that you can use.  They are great for museums for reader rails and in other high touch areas.  The quality is great, the timeline is long – so plan ahead! 
Some go to sources for us are:
IZone, Fossil and Folia.

I have been looking into this below and looking to experiment more with Envirosigns and Vacker signs, but am looking for more options.
Graphics are an odd part of my job as a PM.  We don’t make them either in terms of designing content (though we have done this), or in terms of printing them.  We install them – and we need to make sure that images are correct and the correct size.  So on one hand, there is little to no handling, except that on some jobs, graphic production, checking, and management is actually a very large part of the work to be done.

I did run across a couple PDF’s that have more information about graphics to pass on:

New Companies:

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