Monday, April 5, 2010

ISquint @ USITT

isquint is another source of good information about the conference in Kansas City. It is written by Justin Lang, and he covers alot of ground, particularrly about new technology.

USITT Tech Expo

I think it would be great if a set up like this was in every automation class. The automation components are only a couple hundred bucks per station, and the TD program usually has a number of stations for AutoCAD already. I would like to add a pile of Lego's for platforms, and Knex for rigging, and you could prototype an effect in the very early stages of the technical design.

This is one of the drops from the USA painters the day before.

I wanted to show the work of the below expo exhibits because I especially liked the documentation that they demonstrated.

USITT Exhibit Photos

Saturday, April 3, 2010


My internet connection here at the conference has been pretty spotty, but I will be on my way home tomorrow, and will be able to upload from there photos and session notes from the past couple days in Kansas City. the conference has been great and I am looking forward to sharing!

Meanwhile, TD Squared and Theatreface has been blogging, so take a look at their sites and see what they have seen here at USITT.

Also check out John Huntington's blog Control Geek as he was at the conference as well.