Monday, February 11, 2008

Fly Pen

I have been playing around with a product called Fly Fusion & with the Fly Pen. Essentially it is a pen with a camera and limited memory that connects to your computer and works with specially purchased notebooks. It is made by Leapfrog and is the market is aimed for kids for homework help. Mine came with a Spanish calculator and basic math functions, a mp3 player and some elementary sound capacity.

Its cool, I like it. You can write text in the book and then import it into word. It does fairly well – but I would definitely proof read anything critical. You can save anything you put on paper as a word document or an image. This is where I think its an interesting too for TD’s. During a meeting, or even when budgeting, you could sketch out a quick idea on paper, and then quickly transfer that to a computer without needing to scan anything.

You do have to buy special paper for it – pads seem to run between 6 and 8 bucks each.

And I’ll tell you – there has already been a time I could have used it – I did a quick step unit a week or so ago and gave the carpenter my only copy. Now, it would have been nice to look at that paper once again to confirm what was on it, but of course it’s gone. Had I used my pen, I would have had a digital copy!

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