Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pricing Book

One of the things I have started developing is a pricing book. My version has categories for lumber, metals, plastics, paint, soft goods, rigging and hardware, and foam, as well as some other specific products and areas. Some of the prices come from stock that is kept on-hand, and these prices are updated fairly regularly. Some comes from commonly used items that aren’t kept on hand and are ordered on an as needed basis. The rest are prices obtained through quotes that are more specific – items needed for a particular project, but kept as reference for future projects. While these quotes will eventually get old enough to no longer be accurate adequate to price from, at that point I would still have the information about the company to get a newer quote. This is my first resource when assembling an estimate.I also have a series of materials binders that resemble the categories in my pricing book, though some categories have multiple binders. These binders have reference information, articles, specific product details, catalogs and such. Unfortunately I don’t have a great organizational system for catalogs. A few are in binders, organized by category, but most just hang out on the shelf. Idea’s anyone?

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