Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Studio Areana Theatre

Studio Arena Theatre in Buffalo have shut down their doors, at least temporarily. The article can be read at:

It reminds me of the crisis that Paper Mill Playhouse went through last April. They are still currently open, but I don't know what their current financial state is.

While this doesn't directly relate to technical direction, I think that it still is important to learn what you can about the situation, and attempt to apply as much as that knowledge as possible.

In the business classes I took in grad school we often worked with case studies. These studies detailed an event or a period in a business. You could read and study the situation and then use that as a learning experience. I think this would be useful in a theatrical situation in many ways. Its another way of integrating book knowledge into action. For instance these finical problems could be documented for case studies. Other case studies could be about safety issues and help technicians navigate through charged situations regarding safety. The closest that I have seen would be the elegant solutions class where each week a technical challenge was presented and we would create a solution.

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