Monday, January 19, 2009

Custom Tool Chests

Ever wish you could design your own tool chest. One of the nice steel ones (though some of the wooden chest types are pretty amazing too), with multiple drawers, and cabinets? You can at Matco

You can select from a number of colors, black or chrome trim, drawer configuration, sizes, and additional compartments. The result of my custom box was cool - but I won't be purchasing it soon with a $18,000 price tag.

Of course if you need to fill the new tool box up, Matco also sells a variety of tools.

Check out the site and see what you would dream up!


  1. Brian MunroeJanuary 24, 2009

    Really enjoy your blog. Is this a complete post? There doesn't seem to be a link or mention of the site you used to design your tool chest.

    Brian Munroe

  2. Brian,
    Thanks for the comment. I added the link into the post.

  3. Hmm, I wonder how much of that $18k cost is factored towards having someone swap the interchangeable components at the factory.

    Now, if horizontal drawer configurations can be customized in the same manner as the vertical arrangements, the premium might seem a bit more reasonable.