Monday, January 26, 2009


I wanted to post a couple of updates.

First, for the custom tool chests, I have updated the blog to show the company and link to their site. The company is Matco.

Also, I have enabled comments. I have always intended comments to be available, but evidently there was a second place I had to enable to get them to work correctly.

Lastly a few additional comments on drafting and autocad, picking up from my last post.

-When I taught AutoCAD there were two things I always told my students. There are numerous ways to do every command, and theatrical use of AutoCAD barely scratches the surface of the programs true capabilities. Following that was that AutoCAD builds on itself in every version. While a button or a pull down menu may be different from one version to the next, or one users set up to the next, text entry hasn't failed me yet. The downfall, is that sometimes you can take or leave the added features.

-More directly to the last post, I have a little better understanding of life before paperspace. I started on R14, but really got into the groove in 2000, and soon after, the 2002 version. Paperspace was introduced in R11. From then to R14 annotating in Paperspace was very different. You can take a look at a tutorial here.

Since I learned the more in the newer versions, I am used to the ease of those versions. And, I have if from other users that date back to R13, that annotating in paperspace is the way to go (He doesn't have much choice either way - its the drafting standard where I work). So if you haven't done it, you should try!

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