Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valchromat - Colored MDF

While bidding a current project I have been introduced to a new material - Valchromat. This is an MDF sheet (4x8 or 6x8) that is through colored. It is advertised as 30% stronger than MDF and water resistant, color fast, and a "green" material. Since when it is scratched it can be repaired since the color goes through it, it is similar to some of teh solid surface countertop products (like corian). A sheet will set you beack about $120 each, with a $40. packing charge per 40 sheets. If there was a black I think it would be an intriguing stage floor product. However, it is available in yellow, anthracite, blue, brown, green and red. You can check out a PDF of the specs here.


  1. Jean,
    Here is another product that is colored throughout. I had several conversations with the manufacturer as we were going through a bid process. The Richlite 1/4" goods were about $5.50 a square foot a few years ago. The skatelite has been of great interest as well, since its so durable.

    Keep up the good work on the site and thanks for turning comments on.
    Steve in Seattle

  2. Anthracite:
    (I had to look it up) is probably pretty darn close to black, even if you paint it at least any damage wont really show.