Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More on 3-D prototyping

www.quickparts.com is a new online rapid prototyping service offing quick turn around and “low” prices. I have been watching these processes for quite a while because I believe that these types of machines will be very useful in theatrical work. I know that cnc machines have been very useful, and has certainly changed the way work is done in the shop where I work. And, it allow better construction, ease of generating customized pieces more economically, and ease of construction because you can plan your construction into the cut piece (bolt holes, slots, registration marks). And, it doesn’t replace people, indeed these new technologies demand perhaps more time in drafting and planning. 3-D drafting, conceptualization and other design tools are being used more and more as a tool in stagecraft, not just design, and this is partly due to these emerging technologies. I can easily see a point in the future where that special custom prop will be “printed” in a 3-d plotter.

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