Monday, November 19, 2007

TV meets theatre

So I have to admit that after years of not watching TV, I have lately gotten into the habit of watching some of the “reality series”. Not the put a bunch of people in a room survivor type, but ones like Design Star, Tope Chef, and The Next Iron Chef. And it made me think that I could totally see this sort of competition in the theatre arts. Obviously for design, Design Star would easily be altered to be theatrical instead of homes. Project Runway covers fashion design, but could be altered easily to be costume design. But I think it would be fun to create a competition for technical directors. I more of less see it as a “elegant solutions” class that has a real world component. Perhaps one week a challenge could be to design a particular type of effect (say leaves dropping on cue), with a budget, and other resources (only 2 carpenters, 16 hours….). Also shop resources and space restraints could be used. Sort of like a blown up tech Olympics competition. Points could be awards for practicality, originality, function, and such. Who knows, could be fun.

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