Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Power Options

Power Strip liberator: This cord plus into your power strip and provides a 1’ extension cord to facilitate plugging in wall wart plugs. It allows you to plug in large plugs without using adjacent outlets. Also, it has a pass through plug.
Squids: This type of cord looks like an octopus – hence the name. The unit plugs in and then separate cords branch out each ending in an outlet.

Two-fer style connectors: like the lighting plugs – one cord branches off to provide two outlets. Available at: Also available (from lee valley) are cords that allow 3 instead of 2. The squids mentioned above allow for 5.

Multi-Outet cords. These cords have staggered outlets along the length of the cord. You can check them out at:,104,53212&ap=2.
They are convenient to string around a shop or location where not enough outlets exsists. A great use for this is back stage for clip lights.

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