Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rockler Products

It’s that time of year and as always, the catalogs are on overdrive arriving in your mailbox. Today I was flipping through Rockler woodworking and hardware and there were a few notable things I thought I would mention.

First, Topcoat. It’s a spray “lubricant”. It can be used on saws and hand tools and repels rust and moisture.

They sell prevals. Prevals are great for spraying custom colors, and it seems like I can never find them when I am looking for one.

They have these nifty little do dads (I actually saw a similar product in Lee Valley but they call them tape tips) called square check. They are tools to help you hold your tape on the corners of a frame to check the squareness of whatever you are building.

T-Jaks. These are adjustable height tubes that help to support weight while you attach what you are hold to something structural. They resemble roller support stands used for saws, with the support being solid as opposed to being a bearing.

EZ-Mark Cords. This is basically two clips tied together with an elastic clip. You can indicate lines on a piece of wood without marking it (say for the internal fasteners on a flat or platform). Simple, but useful.

Speed Dolly:I thought this product was interesting, and potentially very customizable for theatrical use. Its basically a dolly with a back that tips – you tip it up to load it and then set it back on its wheels. From the picture in the catalog its pretty small, but again, I think customization could make it useful for material handling,

Lastly, they carry a variety of rare earth magnets. While rare earth magnets aren’t “rare”, it always seems like whenever I need them, I can’t remember what catalog I have seen them in.

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