Tuesday, April 3, 2007

College Learning Courses

If you have been interested in learning a new skill or developing skills that you have but don;t have the time to take an official course you should check out MIT's open courseware at:


What you will find there is a large number of programs (non-profit management, theatre, Architecture, engineering and so forth) that each have a good amount of courses that you can download and use. For each course, when you choose one you see a highlights page. You can then go to the syllabus, the readings, calendar, or you can download all of the course. However, some of the files will link back to the MIT site if they are video related.

There is alot of great information if you browse through the site. There are some engineering classes that have interactive programs for examining loading conditions that is useful for structural design for the stage. There is information on intellectual property, basic stagecraft, and a hole host of other information. To get the most out of it, you should look at all of the departments, as there are gems in some of the classes that aren't "just" theatre.

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