Monday, April 23, 2007

International Bibliography of Theatre

Its been a few days.... between job interviews and the end of the semester, its been a busy couple of weeks. 2 more weeks, and I am not sure I will know what to do with myself.

I have many things on my mind that would be applicable to blog about, however, I don;t have time to do many of my current thoughts justice. So in light of that i thought I would share one of my favorite research resource: The International Bibliography of Theatre. One of these days I will have enough dough to start trying to buy some of these (the only one i have found for sale is for sale for almost 100, which is still about 60% off list....), point being that they are great - but you have to have a decent library.

IBT (its abbreviation) was published from 82-99, and basically is a bibliography of every article and book that was published related to theatre during that year. From TD&T, Yale Tech Briefs, America Theatre and many many more are there. You can reference through articles in several different ways. And, it isn't just American research - it includes Germany, Russian, Sweden, France, England...... There are some interesting articles about technical direction listed from Germany and Sweden.... Unfortunately I don't know either of those languages, and my french is way too rusty to try translating something as specialized as technical theatre terms.

Anyway, if you need some info, and don't know where to look, find a library that has the IBT and take a look, there's some good stuff inside.

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