Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ghost Lights

One things that all TD's will agree about is that safety is a huge priority. One element of running a safe theatre is making sure that the theatre is safe when it is dark, and everyone (or most everyone) has gone home for the night. I am not sure (but would be interested in hearing) about where the origin of the ghost light came from. Regardless, making sure that the theatre space has light is a good idea. Between changes in the space from one show to the next and the assorted dangers of a set (lefts, open pits, ...) a little light wont hurt. Especially when the person coming onstage could be unfamiliar with the current set up. I have also seen about as many types of ghost lights as I have seen theatres. One of my favorites though is the Wobble Light as in weebles wobble but they don't fall down.... Durable, fun, and safe. Those aren't words you can always combine so easily.

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