Thursday, April 5, 2007

I have been browsing alot of project management websites and blogs, hence alot of these new ideas lately. is one of those sites that you can't believe you haven't already seen it, it makes so much sense. Cell phone services was one of the hottest topics in my entrepreneurial boot camp class because the rate of cell phone users are so high, and still growing. And this service complements that trend well.

Basically what Jott does is that you call jott (after you have registered of course) and you talk into your cell phone and it transcribes what you say and emails it to you, essentially not just working as a voice recorder, but delivering it to your inbox. But, there's more.... you can use it to write blogs, or send messages to other people on your team. Even better, its a free service. You just need to deal with your regular cell phone usage fees.

While I don't see myself quite jumping on this bandwagon (I'm am not nearly as much as a cell phone junkie as many others I know), I can easily see how this could be a popular service.

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