Thursday, April 5, 2007

For a little bit of fun...

The site of the day is for ToonDoo
The site (registering is necessary but painless) allows you to make 1-3 pane comic strips that you can then share or blog. self contained within the site is a variety of figures (humans, bears, stick figures, and such), a variety of backgrounds, balloons, and props. You can even upload graphics.

What does this have to do with Technical Direction or stagecraft? I think it connect in several ways. First, humor in any form is just plain necessary. Secondly, I could easily see custom made comic strips to remind people to do things in the shop.... Like wash their brushes out, or turning off the lights, etc. Places where you could perhaps need a sign posted, but using humor would be better than the alternative. Third, I think the role of story-boarding in drafting is something that will become more useful as a technique. This technique to me is more or less the theatre version of sauder's how to build you desk kit. Useful for stock components or standard set pieces, a story board would walk someone through each step of build or assembly for an item. Perhaps, if well crafted, these comic strips could be used for that, or for notes on plates.

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