Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Troubleshooting Today

A few years back when I was still running 2002 on my laptop, everyday when I opened AutoCAD I received the following error:

Troubleshooting Today

A problem has been detected in Today.
Choose one of the following options to fix the problem:

Analyze Today
Use the Diagnostics tool at Point A to help you fix the problem. If you do not have Internet access, use the offline diagnostics tool.

Restore Today
If you can't fix the problem with the diagnostics tool, restore Today to its default settings.

Get Product Support
If you can;t fix the problem using Analyze Today or Restore Today, visit our product support web site. You may need a detailed error message.

If none of these options works, turn off Today. Then try turning on Today at a later date to see if your problem has been fixed.

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