Thursday, March 29, 2007

Additional Job Resource

A new resource I have just recently found can be found at:

It is educational in nature so positions are mostly for colleges, and they are for a variety of positions (history, technical, and so forth).

While I am speaking of jobs, i have been reading on Yahoo about job searching through blogs. Social networking is all over, and it seems to be more important to be connected. While some of this always occurred (conferences, list serves, forums and such), its a different game. While I think blogs are useful (otherwise why would I write...), they don't replace real news, and I think care needs to be taken about the validity of the information that you read. This is really true for the Internet as a whole, but as more and more people post, create websites, blog and otherwise disseminate information (Wikipedia...) its important to take a look at where the information comes from, whether or not it has face validity (does it seem to make sense), and if there are resources sited, or credentials to demonstrate some authority. While I don;t mean to get sidetracked, I think these issues become a step more complex when you start using these sources as a way to move ahead in your career.

For instance, MySpace now has a number of theatrical companies listed. I think this is good for the site as it is good publicity, and it tunes them into a generally younger audience. however, who is posting for the company? It is a person authorized by the company to display the site or is it someone who works there that took some initiative. If you comment on their site, will that really make you more hire-able to them, or will they not even notice. Secondly, if a person blogs in the name of a company (with or without consent) what is appropriate? How much can you tell about a specific process? I think about some of these issues even when writing this blog. I want to be sensitive about others intellectual property, their privacy and such. And I think there are some very fine lines between discussing issues relevant to technical theatre that are also touchy subjects that can be sensitive. Second, if you rely on a casual site to network, then they will have access to your casual site as well. I use myspace, and I enjoy the site. But for me that site is for those who know me personally, who are interested in photos of my last vacation, or my pets, and don't feel the need to see what I am doing professionally. And for me, that idea would make me weary of specifically trying to network through myspace for jobs. Though I suppose I could create a "professional" site.

However, there are other sites to consider as well. Note that I am avoiding facebook, and all of the other MySpace like services. Linked in is one . This site is geared to be a professional network. Also there is JigSaw . There seem to be some important differences. Linked in you choose to participate, and have your information posted in a similar vain to MySpace. Jigsaw however, you can be put into the system without your own awareness. You can points by entering accurate names, positions, and contact information. I could go there and enter my address book and gain X number of points. If I put in inaccurate information someone could challenge me and I would lose points if the information was indeed incorrect (there is a time limit though, as over time it is reasonable that some people will move on). I could then use my points to "purchase" contact information and names of people that I may want to have for business or hiring purposes. You can also outright purchase names. Because of this, I am not as sure about joining Jigsaw. I am uncomfortable about putting my contacts information out publicly, first, but second, it seems as though it would be very easy to misrepresent your company using the site. but as always, these are my thoughts, and I encourage you to explore the sites, and decide for yourself. And, if you want- come back and comment and share your thoughts as well.

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