Thursday, March 15, 2007


USITT is here again, and this time it is Phoenix, AZ. Hopefully, now that my display in the Cover the Walls exhibit is up and the conerference is open, I will get back to more regular blogs!

This is the display that has been keeping me so busy - the portal actually lights up - I put LED's in the inside of the frame. As always for me, I am already thinking of how I can prep for the next display, and make the process (build and load-in) easier, as well as maintaining my design choices after a trip through the airport.

Anyway, to move on... Most of my first day (wed) at Usitt was registering, doing the job search thing, and installing my display. However, I did manage to checkout Stump the TD. They busted a few myths, and then took questions from the audience about technical problems they had incurred. There were a few good ones, and a few not so good questions, but I suppose that it to be expexted.

One question was: a bird needed to fly up, then be shot, then fall and hit the ground. However, it was an outdoor venue with no "roof". Answers ranged from disguizing a remote control helicopter to spring loaded birds to using the element of distraction.

My question was that I needed a piece of aircraft cable to be rigged horizontally, with a curtain that changes positions, that needed to fly out on a lineset, and not have deflection. They suggested I hand the designer a book on physics. At least I negotiated my way out of the unit at the time! Though we did talk about the potencial for trussing, but it would be costly, and time consuming.

At one point they said that a TD's job requires 2 skills: Imagination and Negotiation.

Last but not least, some products that were mentioned:

Floor Strippeds - used for linolumn, put good for paint blobs as well:

For information on Hazardous materials:

Quotes of the day

"When in doubt build it stout, with things you know about"

"How many TD's does it take to come up with 2 ideas? 1"

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