Friday, March 9, 2007

Shop Magnets

A few weeks ago I discussed a site that offered a quick release magnet useful for picking up or transferring screws. Now I would like to broaden that category to a few other products.

First is a product that operates very similarly - its main difference is reach since the tool is long and slender. It can be found at:

The other links that I have for today are for various magnetic brooms. These are a great way to clean the shop or stage floor, as picking up all metal objects is as easy (actually perhaps even easier) as sweeping. They are similar to push brooms, except that they have a wheel on wither side of the "broom" and the broom is a magnet. The brooms are faster than the quick release, and are usually more thorough, particularly important when metal shavings need to be picked up. This is another tool that you should pick up for your shop.

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