Saturday, March 24, 2007

Job Search Resources

As I search the Internet for job listings, it occurred to me that it might not be a bad idea to make a list of places here.

Art Search through TCG is probably the biggest resource. While it is somewhat expensive, I have to admit that there is always a copy I can use somewhere in the company, so I don't routinely purchase the subscription.

Stagecraft mailing list (address in the resource blog) will sometimes post listings,
This has been a great site for a number of years. You can now post a profile. And even better the profile works, I already made a contact through my profile.
A paid site-about 35 a year for a student, but that jumps to 75 for an individual. This used to be a free site, which I would often refer to, but I haven't been a member since they changed their policy. You can look at the job postings (title, and state), and these seem to correlate with ArtSearch. However, the site offers some services to job seekers (resume help, promotion, ect) if you are actively looking for work and had the dough this could be for you.
I just joined this site so we will see how it goes. You fill out a description about yourself (basically your resume) and employers can search your information. You can also post pictures and your resume. Site is set up to be international, and is not very specific - there is not a TD category for instance, so I listed Technical Manager. You do have to have 3 professional jobs to list your profile.
jobs in the Philadelphia area.
The company that is at USITT.
Playbill, and yes, I have gotten a job from there, and hired from there.....
Has job services for summer work
Has a few listing, but listing I have noticed in alot of other sites.
Another site I haven't registered for, but looks interesting.
Not geared only to theatre, yet they do have tech theatre listings.

SETC, and other conference sites often have job listings, as does USITT

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